Friday, October 10, 2008

Lee of Third Class reviews a pheromones website

The concept of pheromones is a relatively new concept in human society. Furthermore, it is only the more “advanced” societies that have come to know concepts like these through scientific experimentation. Although it is true that other cultures, in a matter of speaking, recognize this same concept through other methods of interpreting it, the more democratized cultures are the ones who seem to know this “substance of attraction” concept as pheromones.
Therefore, what is my opinion on a product that takes advantage of this discovery? What do I think of a substance that is made to harness the power of pheromones? What effect does it have on society that there is now a product that has a made a much stronger effort to attract a certain sex than other products have made?
Well, I am left with no choice but to ponder these kinds of questions because has made its presence known to me. Sure, there are probably other products that have resulted from experiments of the same persuasion, but Best-Pheromones claims to be the best. human pheromones are harnessed in this product. This is a new experimentation with products that contain pheromones for men and pheromones for women.
The ingredients that are used are “naturally found in minute amounts in the perspiration” of men and women. Therefore, the naturalness of their extracting of this stuff from human sweat is the key to their successful attraction methods.
I think that this product is, overall, an interesting idea. I don’t consider it harmful in any way, but I do think that the product should be used tastefully by the consumer. I think the strength of the product is a factor that might, by no fault of its advertisers, give the user the wrong idea. That is to say that the wrong idea would be given to the user if he or she were desperate to attract a certain party. I think some people would consider Best-Pheromones some sort of a super power, in a way, instead of advancement in the field of scented products. These products are in demand because our society is increasingly becoming a crowd of socially analytical people that are more creatively free than they were a few years ago. It seems that everyone, nowadays, is some sort of artful master of some craft or trade that they feel they have put their own spin on in one way or another. Obviously, this holds true with Best-Pheromones because of their way of coming at the subject of human attraction in a scientific manner. This product is definitely something that fits in with the general human mindset in American or American-styled societies today. And, although I am very regretful of the colonialism that seems to be taking place in the world with Wal-mart, McDonalds, etc, etc, I am in support of the growing awareness of the importance of subjects such as sociology and psychology. I think is a result of exactly that. Now, on behalf of the band, Third Class, I am not telling you to buy this product. I am, however, letting you know, reader, that if you are someone interested in people and society that you might want to go to this website,, and take a look.