Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Upper Room Fellowship in May 2008

This was a show that we played because some of the kids in the youth group at The Upper Room Fellowship Church requested us. We were flattered; happy to play any show, let alone a show for a younger crowd. Our strong points, as far as a local fan base goes, are and always have been children and old people. People our own age do not get us in most cases. Furthermore, the ones who do get us always turn out to be gigantic odd balls, such as ourselves. So, it is few and far between that we meet them anyway.
I got a bit nervous around the time that we performed the song "Rainy And Stormy" because there are lyrics that criticize the American conceptualization of God in the verses. Jack later pointed out that I had crooned that particular part of the song quite loudly over the microphone. I don't think anyone noticed and those lyrics certainly, whether considered in the context of the performance that night or the conception of the song in general, did not apply to all churches or organized religion for that matter. More so, they apply to the ignorance of assumption by some people that everyone is of one belief system. People that assume this are close minded.
After the show, we ate some pizza and snacks. Then, we took a tour of the new wing that was being added to the church.

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