Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Documentaries You Should Watch

Based on their two studio albums, we, the band, home-made two documentaries. The first, "Chloe's Epitaph Is Chloe: The Roc Doc," is a series of self-interviews where we explain the meanings behind the songs of the 2006 studio album for the two people that would ever care to watch and learn about the lyrics. The second film, "The Making Of The Red Wheelbarrow," is the band documenting the making of the second studio album. The members travel with their Youngstown, Ohio friends, The Zou, to Chicago, Illinois to master the album after recording in Youngstown with Ampreon Recorder; the notorious Pete Drivere (Dead Beat Poets, Pete Drivere And The Pretty Demons, The Infidels) at the helm of the album's sound. The second documentary is a bit more interesting.:

Chloe's Epitaph Is Chloe (The Rock Doc)

Third Class | MySpace Music Videos

The Making Of The Red Wheelbarrow

Third Class | MySpace Music Videos