Friday, August 1, 2008

Ampreon Recorder in July 2006

From July 10 to July 13. Jack and Pepe and I were in Ampreon Recorder recording our first studio album with sound engineer Pete Drivere. Pete is one of those guys that actually makes his whole living off of music. From hosting radio shows, to being in tons of cool bands like The Deadbeat Poets, The Infidels and Pete Drivere And The Pretty Demons, to running a recording studio business, Pete does it all.
We recorded the album, Chloe's epitaph is Chloe, in its entirety in these four days. We had a good time. We went to get pizza at Papa John's when Pete was mixing down the stuff.
The album was a collection of old and new songs, none of which had been recorded with truly good quality until this point in the band's career.
Ampreon Recorder is in Youngstown, Ohio.

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