Friday, August 1, 2008

The Nouveau Rock Festival in September 2005

The Nouveau Rock Festival is a Youngstown, Ohio festival of the arts which we have been honored in having the good fortune of playing on all of its occasions. The festival is organized by our fellow Youngstown friends and musicians in the band called The Zou.
This particular festival went well. It was the third festival and it was the beginning of some of the bands who are now well-established acts of Youngstown. We played a good set. We always play good sets when we are near an opening time slot. It takes the pressure off.
Festivals like this one and a previously-played Bonfrog Festival we played, organized by Simon Kenneally, formerly of Sijupauna, are good outlets for our music. We are, for some reason, viewed by most as experimental and we need weird, indie events like these to keep us in our element.

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