Monday, August 18, 2008

The Highlands Taproom in April 2008

We drove to Columbus, Ohio and visited our friends Amy Erdmann and Billy James, staying the night at Billy's place on April 4th and then heading towards Louisville, Kentucky on April 5th to play, once again, at The Highlands Taproom with a band called Dying Indiana. When we went on, the crowd started to leave so I told them, over the microphone, that they just needed to give us a chance and stay until the music started to make sense to them. Some listened and seemed to enjoy themselves by the end of the set. Before the show, Pepe and Jack and I went and ate a cool place called Just Fresh that serves really really fresh, good food. The drive home was pretty fun but tiring because of having to stop to drop Jack off in Wooster, Ohio where he was going to school. Jack and Pepe remarked to me that this one, semi-empty show wasn't really worth the trouble we went to and I agreed and promised to book more sensibly in the future. Overall, it was a fun time though.

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