Friday, August 1, 2008

The Nouveau Rock Festival in February 2006

This was the first Nouveau Rock Festival that we got to co-headline with The Zou. Although, to the this day, The Zou pulls in a much more substantial fan base than our band, we were considered a moderately established act in Youngstown, Ohio at this point. We played an amped-up, loud rock show, complete with me tearing my shirt off and overactive keyboard solos. The drums were pounding, bright lights were flashing. Truly, it was a passionate event for us. Pepe, Jack and I were very happy with the way the show went.
All the other bands, particularly Posture Coach and Lady Fantastic, did wonderful sets. Even Love Circuit, a band that soon ceased a few weeks after this performance, a very new band at that, were at their edgiest. They egged on a couple guys that booed them and a fight broke out near the end of the night. It was a crazy show.

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