Friday, August 1, 2008

Grumpy Dave's Pub in April 2006

A friend of ours from Bowling Green named Sean helped us find this venue and book the show. We were all so psyched to go there and play near the Bowling Green campus in Ohio. Our friend Erin was attending at the time and my brother Steve and his friend, Bryan, formerly of The Fading, made a special trip up to Toledo to see a friend and to see our show. But, we all, to our dismay, found out that the bar was 21 + and none of the people we wanted in could get in. It was a fun set but we had a disappointed feeling the whole time we played. The opener, Mitch Migliore was a pretty good talent on the keys and vocals. Dave, Grumpy Dave to be exact, turned out to be a nice guy. So, the night wasn't completely miserable. Afterwards, we went to eat with our friends and looked around in a music store. The drive back home took forever.

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