Monday, August 18, 2008

Susan's Gourmet Coffee in April 2008

On April 25, we drove to Kent, Ohio to play Susan's Gourmet Coffee, a coffee shop just off campus. We had a surprising turnout, not a big one, but a good group of people. We had some of our closest friends/significant others, such as Ellen Frost, Cory Foster and Mindy Strawn, drive up from the Youngstown, Ohio area and I had a couple people I knew from the Kent State branch in Salem, Ohio come up to see us as well as a couple students that Brandon Hull, our friend, knew and had spoken too at our previous on-campus show with The Zou.
This mention of friends that came to see us makes me pause and want to sincerely acknowledge the people that support/put up with Third Class' antics and have for so many years. People such as the above-named and others such as Chrissy Bailey, a good friend and frequent show attender, and others who have been there especially when we were starting out as a band such as Craig Beight, Derek Baker, Steve Boyle and Karen Boyle. There were also so many that joined along the way and recognized our sound for what it is, people such as Cathy Miller, Megan Whinnery, The Zou, Posture Coach, Brandon Hull who went on tour with us and has become a really good friend in the past few years, Erin and Jessica Kane, Abby Kondas, Samantha Hoover, Kristin and Elizabeth Reeves, Pete Drivere, Dog OK, Emily Elser, and many many more.

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