Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Plush Night Club in July 2007

This show was put together by some middle-man ticket-selling B.S. company that wanted us to pre-sell a bunch of tickets and didn't want to give us any profit. They were a promoting company, yet they weren't doing the promoting. The girl who worked for this company called me out of nowhere and I told her in a straightforward manner that we couldn't guarantee ticket sales. Then, she proceeded to tell me that it didn't matter anyways and talked me into, against my better judgement, booking us, Third Class, at Plush. We opened for a band called Blush. I don't think they sold any tickets either.
Anyways, after the show some promoter guy called me and chewed me out for not selling tickets. I even explained to him that he was in the wrong in the way that he expected to get people to shows and that I had disclaimed myself when initially being called to play the show. But, it didn't make any difference and he told me how he booked shows for Garbage and stuff so as to impress and intimidate me. I just spouted off sarcastic remarks until he hung up on me.

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